turntables all djs out there have the possibility to become a member of the website house@gmt+1.

house@gmt+1 offers a dj-database with detailed information about each djs musicstyle, produced tracks, most important clubs played, favorite records and a lot of other useful information.

all djs which are presented at this website, have the possibility to get their bookings directly over the net. it doesn’t matter if you already are a member of a booking agency or handle your bookings by yourself. house@gmt+1 also offers the possibility to manage your bookings.

for a really small amount a year, you will receive:

  • your own standard homepage like:  http://www.house.ch/yourdjname

  • your own email account like:  yourdjname@house.ch

    for further information please contact welcome@house.ch or fill out and send back the following form: djmember.xls. don't forget to enclose a really smart picture of yourself.

    members of house@gmt+1 are listed in the section members. in the section links you will find general information about other websites with djs. finally we offer the possibility to search with several keywords in our dj-database.


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